NIA Division of Behavioral and Social Research



The National Institute on Aging (NIA) Division of Behavioral and Social Research (BSR) supports social, behavioral, and economic research and research training on the processes of aging at both the individual and societal level. BSR fosters cross-disciplinary research, at multiple levels from genetics to cross-national comparative research, and at stages from basic through translational.

How We Helped

RLA prepares summaries of expert workshops hosted by the National Institute on Aging Division of Behavioral and Social Research. This process involves review of the draft by an RLA subject matter expert, solicitation and incorporation of feedback from the invited experts, and a professional copyedit.

Work Products and Links

Examples of workshop summaries prepared by RLA during the past 3 years are as follows:

Impacts of the Second Demographic Transition on Mid- and Later-Life Health (May 2019)

Gaps in the Dementia Care Workforce: Research Update and Data Needs (May 2019)

Expert Meeting on the Demography of the Older Residential Care Population: Research Questions and Data Gaps (May 2019)

Neural Process of Affective Change in Aging (August 2018)

Leveraging Rarely-Investigated Populations for Research on Behavioral and Social Processes in an Aging Context (July 2018)

Expert Meeting on Using Longitudinal Studies of Younger Cohorts for Aging Research (June 2018)

Improving Patient Outcomes through Effective Caregiver-Clinician Communication and Relationships Expert Meeting (May 2018)

State of the Science for Pragmatic Trials of Non-Pharmacological Interventions to Improve Outcomes Among Persons with Dementia and Their Caregivers (December 2017)

Cost-Effective Early Detection of Cognitive Decline (October 2017)

Telomeres as Sentinels for Environmental Exposures, Psychosocial Stress, and Disease Susceptibility (September 2017)

Innovating the Next Generation of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Care Interventions: Addressing the Needs of Persons Living with Dementia, Caregivers, and Care Providers (July-August 2017)

Socioeconomic Status and Increasing Mid-life Mortality (June 2017)

Developing Informed Animal Models of Social Aging (May 2017)