Here are the best practices RLA has used for years to support virtual meetings for clients.

For private meetings…

  • Circulate meeting links privately to required personnel. A link posted on a public site such as Facebook or LinkedIn attracts the attention of individuals who don’t belong in the meeting.
  • Prevent attendees from circulating links themselves. Disable the “social media share” buttons so that participants cannot accidentally or intentionally promote it too widely.
  • Set up a waiting room. A waiting room ensures that even a person with a link cannot automatically join a meeting but must instead be admitted by the meeting’s host.

For public meetings…

  • Create a public link that disables screen sharing, webcams, and audio. Participants with a modified public link can observe a meeting but have no way to contribute to its content. Only the host can change the disabling; participants with disabled audio, for example, cannot “unmute” themselves.
  • Disable advanced features, such as chat and the option to record. The host can set the most restrictive settings up front and change them if desired as a meeting unfolds.
  • Assess whether a platform is the right one. There are many platforms to choose from, some more than others depending on the meeting needs. For instance, RLA has developed integrated platforms that allow a meeting to be publicly viewed without circulating a platform-based link.

For all meetings…

  • Enable meeting encryption. Encryption prevents uninvited individuals from listening in and/or connecting to a meeting.
  • Run updates. No matter what technology is used, security isn’t a one-time event but a continual process. No one should click “Ignore” when a piece of software displays an update prompt.

All of these best practices can be implemented by a meeting host. However, the host should also offer direct support for end users. We recommend and hold practice calls for users who are new to any meeting platform to familiarize them with relevant controls and prevent issues on the day of the meeting itself. This kind of tailored support is part of the data security equation.

RLA stands ready to offer tailored advice to your specific virtual meeting questions.